A Leading Artificial Hedge Manufacturer in China

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PandaGreens is a reliable and leading manufacturer based in China, specializing in high-quality artificial hedges, wall grass, vertical garden panels, green balls, fences, and related products. With a commitment to durability and realism, we cater to the worldwide market. Our prompt and helpful services ensure customer satisfaction as we work together to achieve your desired results. We envision a world where greenery never fades.

Our products are crafted from premium materials, fully recyclable, and designed to be child and pet-friendly. Experience the convenience of maintenance-free artificial plants that accommodate everyone’s needs.

As a subsidiary of Team Sports Industry Limited, also known as Arturf, we have excelled in sports and landscape artificial grass manufacturing for over 20 years. While still prioritizing artificial grass, we have expanded our business to include flooring solutions and artificial hedge since 2016.