100% Fresh PE

Made from premium polyethylene. The 100% fresh materials ensure our artificial hedges a long lifespan.

UV Resistant

UV-resistance (Yes or optional) artificial hedges designed to keep the plants living longer and full of color.


Every leaf is individually molded, ensuring that the end product is almost indistinguishable from an actual hedge.

Artificial Vertical Garden Panels -Artificial Wall Grass Plants

Almost the most realistic artificial vertical garden panels available on the market. The amazing 3D effect is created by the various sizes, depths, and styles of plants contained within the design. The plants lift off and away from the panel and give the green wall added depth and realism.

Ideal for artificial green walls in offices, homes, shops, hotels, bars, cafes & restaurants. Great for exhibition stands, corporate events, weddings & other private events, as well as stunning backdrops for logos, neon signs & lettering.

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