Why and Where to Use Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Artificial boxwood hedge walls have almost all the beauty and benefits of natural grass walls without ongoing work or worries after installation. It is perfect for dressing up an old wall or fence. Add grace to condo and apartment complexes, offices, stores, commercial buildings, schools, arts venues, and public spaces.

Plant varieties include artificial boxwood hedge walls and fake boxwood walls, as well as flower walls of azaleas and cypress/arborvitae types. Live boxwood is slow-growing and requires constant maintenance, but our realistic fake boxwood walls are thick and look like they’ve been growing for years. No watering, no maintenance – ever!

The artificial boxwood hedges can be also used outside. All of our outdoor artificial plant walls and lettering products are made inherently UV resistant to maintain their vivid green. Unlike coated UV treatment post-manufacturing, our method ensures many years of protection and beauty while the competition fades and degrades.

Artificial boxwood hedge mats can also be used as a wall covering, both interior and exterior. This might fit a “green theme” for a restaurant, or medical marijuana dispensary, for example. In some cases, entire storefronts are covered with an artificial boxwood hedge. Artificial hedge walls may decorate an office reception area, and they look great and are virtually maintenance-free.

The uses for artificial hedges may surprise you. Today’s architects utilize artificial hedges to create sound barriers in spaces that are prone to echoes, such as office buildings and restaurants. Artificial hedges are often used as fence extensions to bolster privacy and block out unwanted views.

Here’s a summary of why use an artificial boxwood hedge?

  • Decoration and landscape
  • Wallcovering for theme businesses
  • Sound muting
  • Bolster privacy
  • Graffiti prevention
  • Temporary barriers

Portable artificial hedges make for great temporary barriers and restaurants, malls, and hotels often use them to create spaces within spaces at private events, etc. Many venues have multiple portable fake hedges on hand for special events. The artificial hedges are great as photo backdrops, and to display banners and promotional materials.