Six Reasons Why You Should Have An Artificial Vertical Garden

Nowadays in modern cities, more people live in an apartment nearing their workplace, rather than living in a villa in a country yard. In this case, you may never expect to have an individual garden-It is a dream to have a private garden. With our lifelike artificial vertical garden panels, you can build a vertical garden fast and easily. Your dream of having a private garden can be a reality.

Instant Effect

It is easy and fast to install a vertical garden with our artificial wall grass panels. Each panel is made with built-in interlocking elements. You can assemble them easily and fast. The size of each panel is 1 meter by 1 meter. Its larger size will save labour and time.

A Vertical Garden Saves Space

No matter the large or small of your wall or fence, our vertical garden wall grass panels can fit your project perfectly. The vertical garden wall grass panels can be cut to fit irregularly shaped space, as well as fit around corners and curves. No matter the size, shape, or scale of your project, our wall grass is the best way to bring the lush green of a luxurious hedge to any space.

No maintenance

No matter outdoor or indoor, the artificial vertical garden requires minimal maintenance. A common complaint when it comes to a vertical garden with natural plants is endless maintenance, however artificial vertical gardens never encounter this and maintain their greenery and thickness all year round.

Different Plants Combination

The combination of plants has been specially chosen to complement each other, extra plants can be added upon request. The selected plants form a mini forest – various plants with different depths. You can even have flowers added.


Most of our products are UV stabilized, with 3 years warranty for outdoor uses and 5 years warranty for indoor uses. They’re the perfect foliage to create a natural-looking, realistic outdoor vertical garden wall with no risk of ruin. Whilst some lower quality options run the risk of fading, ours have been tried and tested, so you can purchase with peace of mind.

Level Up Your Home

The lifelike vertical garden will add great value to your space. Any green space at your home makes your eye & body relax. The guests will envy you.

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