Why You Should Add Artificial Hedge To Your Product Package

If you are a landscaper, especially if you use artificial grass usually, we highly recommend you add artificial hedges to your product package. Some of your customers will like them much, and it will bring you more profit and enhance your competitive strength.


The artificial hedge panels can be integrated into almost any project. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor installation, No matter the size, shape or scale of your project, our artificial hedge panels are the ideal way to bring the lush green of a luxurious hedge to any space. 
PandaGreens Artificial Hedge Mats are suitable for:
Landscaper or designer
Garden center retail, wholesale or supply
Project contractors and managers
Interior designer and atrium

Easy to install

It is easy to install artificial hedges. The mats connect to each other securely and can flex or be trimmed to fit irregular shapes or surfaces. It is quick and easy to install our artificial hedges. Each panel is made with an interlocking system. By clicking the “male” and “female” connectors together artificial hedge panels can form any size and shape. Using a pair of scissors you can trim any excess off. 

Long  lifespan

All PandaGreen artificial hedges and fences are made with 100% fresh PE, UV treated. This makes sure our hedges have a long life span. 
You may find there are some cheap artificial hedge products on the market. For some products, you may even feel an obvious bad smell when the box opened. Undoubtedly, those products are made of recycled materials. They may look similar by appearance, but they are not safe for kids, and can not last long outdoor. 

An addition to your current landscape business

If you are a landscaper, I think you have already got inquiries about artificial hedges and fences. If you have a wider range of products, that is a strength and will bring you more business. People like one-stop shopping.