Why Did We Extend The Business To Artificial Hedge Manufacturing

Yesterday a customer asked me a question: Why did you extend the business to artificial hedges manufacturing besides artificial grass manufacturing? That seems not so focus, and many professional clients prefer to co-operate with a more dedicated supplier.

It was not the first time I was asked this question. I think it is better to write a short article to give more details.

Customers Need Artificial Hedges

Many of our customers are landscapers, they purchase artificial grass from us, sometimes they need artificial hedges as well.

Our initial business was artificial grass manufacturing, both for sports and landscaping. Even artificial grass was born for sports, but eventually, it was more and more used for gardens and decoration. Nowadays the demand for landscape is larger than sports. Many landscapers around the world purchase artificial grass from us because of our stable quality and competitive price. Before our artificial hedge factory established, if a customer needed to buy artificial hedges. they bought somewhere else, and asked the supplier to send the artificial hedges to our turf factory, and load the hedges together with the artificial turf.

We are pleased to do this extra work for our valuable customers, no matter big customers or small customers. We provide free warehousing and free container loading.

Customers Need High-quality Artificial Hedges

The problem was that customers often did not satisfy with the quality of the artificial hedges they purchased. They told us those artificial hedges were with bad smells when cartons opened. Even worse, the colors of the panels faded in less than a year.

Even those artificial hedges were loaded in our factory, but it is very difficult for us to do a deep inspection, let alone the quality control. In this case, I was very sorry for the customer’s loss, but we can’t do more.

After several times of bad experience, some customers asked us to purchase artificial hedges for them, and they are happy to pay commission. As a business, we can invest more to do factory-audit, supplier selection, production process following, and goods inspection. Things were much better.

One day, a regular customer from Europe visited our artificial grass factory and asked me to company him to visit the artificial hedge supplier. During this factory tour, he understood how artificial grass and hedges were made, and made of what. He said, the materials for artificial grass and hedges are so similar, why can’t you build an artificial hedge factory?

Artificial Hedge Manufacturing Almost Share The Same Supply Chain

Yes, that customer was right. High-quality artificial hedges are made of polyethylene(PE). PE is also the main material of artificial grass. Both two products request UV protection for outdoor purposes. The additives needed for both are similar. In a word, artificial hedges and grass almost share the same supply chain for the materials.

Artificial grass had gained popularity. The artificial hedge was also becoming increasingly popular. Finally, we decided to extend our business to artificial hedge manufacturing.

Our business is extended, the quality of the artificial hedges we delivered is ensured.

Written by Z.J.