Why We Expanded into Artificial Hedge Manufacturing

Curious about why we ventured into artificial hedge manufacturing alongside our artificial grass business? In this article, we’ll provide insights into the reasons behind our decision and how it benefits our customers. From understanding the market demands to ensuring high-quality products, discover the journey that led us to expand our business and deliver exceptional artificial hedges.

Customers’ Need for Artificial Hedges:

Many of our customers, including landscapers, often require both artificial grass and artificial hedges for their projects. As the demand for landscaping applications grew, we noticed the necessity of providing a comprehensive solution. Previously, customers would source artificial hedges elsewhere and combine their orders with our artificial turf, but we saw an opportunity to better serve our valued clients.

Addressing Quality Concerns:

Customers frequently expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the artificial hedges they purchased from other suppliers. Issues such as unpleasant odors upon unpacking and color fading within a short time troubled them. Although these hedges were loaded in our factory, conducting thorough inspections proved challenging. We empathized with our customers’ frustration and decided to take action.

Investing in High-Quality Manufacturing:

In response to customer demand, we started procuring artificial hedges on behalf of our clients, ensuring high quality and addressing their concerns. We invested in comprehensive factory audits, rigorous supplier selection, meticulous production processes, and rigorous quality control. By assuming responsibility for sourcing and inspection, we could offer superior artificial hedges that met our customers’ expectations.

The Connection Between Artificial Grass and Hedges:

During a visit to our artificial grass factory, a perceptive European customer inquired about the possibility of creating an artificial hedge facility. Recognizing the similarities in materials and manufacturing processes between artificial grass and hedges, he sparked our curiosity. Both products rely on polyethylene (PE) as a primary material and require UV protection for outdoor durability. The shared supply chain and additives reinforced the idea that expanding into artificial hedge manufacturing made sense.

Embracing the Growing Demand:

With artificial grass and hedges gaining popularity in various applications, we made the decision to extend our business into artificial hedge manufacturing. This allowed us to meet the evolving needs of our customers and offer a seamless experience by providing top-quality artificial hedges alongside our trusted artificial grass solutions.


By expanding into artificial hedge manufacturing, we’ve enhanced our ability to fulfill our customers’ requirements for complete landscaping solutions. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products, conducting thorough inspections, and ensuring customer satisfaction has been instrumental in our success. Experience the excellence of our extended product line and discover how our premium artificial hedges can transform your outdoor spaces.